Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to make a sparc Live CD from AI

That's what I did to get the LiveCD from last AI iso.
On sparc machine:

# mkdir -p /opt/livecd/s0.
# mount -F hsfs `lofiadm -a osol-1002-122-ai-sparc.iso` /mnt

I copied all iso's content to s0 and then I've unpacked /opt/livecd/s0/boot/boot_archive with root_archive to /opt/livecd/tmp.

# cd /opt/livecd/tmp
# echo snv122 > .volumeid
# mv .autoinstall .livecd

I've also removed last block about keyboard configuration and gdm in /lib/svc/method/live-fs-root.
Next I've created lofi directory in /opt/livecd/tmp/dev and symlink in this directory to ../../devices/pseudo/lofi@0:1 (this is required for mounting solaris.zlib).
I took hsfs.bootblock from SXCE DVD and put it in boot directory.

# cd /opt/livecd/s0/boot/
# root_archive pack boot_archive /opt/livecd/tmp

Script root_archive required small hack for boot-archive size - I've added line "size=130000" before "/usr/sbin/mkfile ${size}k "$TMR".
Next I've created symlinks for boot_archive in /opt/livecd/s0/platform/sun4v and /opt/livecd/s0/platform/sun4u
Now iso:

# cd /opt/livecd/
# mkisofs -G s0/boot/hsfs.bootblock -B ... -l -ldots -R -N -D -V snv122 -o /opt/sparc_snv122.iso s0/

Live CD boots on my old Ultra 60 (you can see some warnings and services errors but that's another story):

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