Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Nekoware build system for IRIX

Besides Solaris, I love IRIX and, as the owner of the Octane, I'd like to have modern versions of at least basic utilities. Almost all packages from http://nekofiles.irixnet.org/nekoware have been installed for a long time ago but time is running out and why not collect new versions yourself. Here you can find the initial scripts that allow you to build nekoware tardists. I have focused on "first-aid" stuff so far, like bash, awk, sed and grep but going to add more components later. If someone also wants to participate, just ping me with pull-request.

How to determine PXE mac address when booting illumos via PXELinux/iPXE

In illumos, if you need to determine the interface which was used for booting via PXE then it's possible to use "boot-mac" pro...