Saturday, June 15, 2019

Jenkins X: Monitor Tekton Pipelines deployments with Kibana

If something goes wrong, the first thing you do is look at the logs. For serverless Jenkins X it is a little problematic if some time has passed -  build pods have already died safely and jx get build logs only gives you:

error: no Tekton pipelines have been triggered which match the current filter

But what if you want to find the cause of some error or compare the current build log with yesterday?
There is a dashboard for Tekton which looks nice but persistent logs unfortunately are not supported yet (I hope this feature will appear in the future).

Happily there is an Elastic Stack. I installed the Kibana following the instructions from tekton-pipelines-elastic-tutorials.
Although there are an warning that it was tested on a Mac only, everything started and works fine on Ubuntu, for example.

Kibana allows not only to monitor Tekton Tasks or Pipelines (and not only) in real time but also to check one or another log for yesterday or any other day.

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