Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Reducing Boot Time

In the last MilaX release (0.3.3) I've tried to reduce boot time from kernel startup to desktop environment up and running. I left only necessary SMF-services for LiveCD and changed startup sequence. The main idea - network services and compressed usr filesystem mounting can start after X server starting.
Here the services list after full booting:
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         19:49:10 svc:/system/svc/restarter:default
online         19:49:13 svc:/network/datalink-management:default
online         19:49:14 svc:/system/filesystem/usr:default
online         19:49:14 svc:/system/filesystem/root:default
online         19:49:14 svc:/system/utmp:default
online         19:49:21 svc:/system/device/local:default
online         19:49:21 svc:/milestone/devices:default
online         19:49:22 svc:/system/filesystem/minimal:default
online         19:49:22 svc:/system/manifest-import:default
online         19:49:23 svc:/system/rmtmpfiles:default
online         19:49:23 svc:/system/filesystem/local:default
online         19:49:23 svc:/application/xserver:default
online         19:49:24 svc:/system/console-login:default
online         19:49:49 svc:/network/initial:default
online         19:49:57 svc:/network/loopback:default
online         19:49:58 svc:/system/system-log:default
online         19:50:01 svc:/system/cryptosvc:default
online         19:50:04 svc:/system/dbus:default
online         19:50:04 svc:/network/physical:default
online         19:50:06 svc:/system/identity:node
online         19:50:14 svc:/network/rpc/bind:default
online         19:50:18 svc:/system/hal:default
online         19:50:20 svc:/network/inetd:default
online         19:50:25 svc:/network/rpc/gss:default

Bootchart picture offers some details:

Certainly USB-booting yields the best results: for example on my DELL notebook I've booted MilaX from usb stick for 27 seconds. I've not included Moinak's code for compressed ramdisk support in this release, but I hope that I'll make it further.


s_a said...

Hi! I tryed to start MilaX on my notebook, but it doesn't. What can be the matter? The loading stopped when string "SunOS" and etc. appears, before starting XWindow. The notebook conf is next: Transmeta Crusoe 933, 368 MB RAM, 8 Mb video, but internal videocard has number of issues, as I get (only 1024*968 resolution is supported).

Also I started MilaX 0.3.3 on the standard desktop, NetSurf is not
responding. What can be the matter?

Thanks, Andrey

alhazred said...

Try to boot in text mode. Netsurf is not responding: check network state.
Also you can try Sun Device Detection Tool for your laptop.

s_a said...

Thanks for reply!

I've tryed to use text mode with notebook (btw, it's Fujitsu-Siemens P2120). It stops before "Configuring devices" text. I think it's a problem of old hardware (6 years...:)). I will try Sun Device Detection, thanks.

Also I tryed to wait for the NetSurf on desktop. It responds, but surely does not catch the net. It's not a problem of a distro, I'll try to adjust.

With best regards, Andrey

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