Thursday, November 5, 2009

OpenSolaris Sparc snv125 LiveCD

Following numerous requests from users I've prepared Sparc LiveCD based on osol-1002-125-ai-sparc.iso (see my previous post). Please remember that this iso is UNOFFICIAL version, I've created it only for my tests. With this iso you can test OpenSolaris on your hardware, AI tools or you can install system from this LiveCD manually, using steps from my old posts (i.e. you need to create zpool, copy all LiveCD contents to rootfs, disable live-media services, change vfstab and etc).
Temporarily iso is here.


Guillaume Larocque said...

Thanks for that! I've been looking for a SPARC livecd for a while now. However, if I understand this properly, this livecd won't allow one to install OpenSolaris on a SPARC computer, as one would do on a x86 machine? I downloaded it, booted from it on a Ultra 45 and tried to lauch X with startx, but that didn't work. Can you point us to some instructions on how to install OpenSolaris from the liveCD on SPARC?

Unknown said...

Another download link

alhazred said...

Guillaume: AI CD does not contain X
Rodney: Thanks!

Guillaume Larocque said...

So, how would one go about installing it on a SPARC machine?

alhazred said...

Guillaume: see next post

Yam said...

Hi. I've tried using the LiveCD. What is the username and password?Thanks

alhazred said...


Robert said...

Doesn't boot on my sf120:

ok boot cdrom
Boot device: /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@d/cdrom@0,0:f File and args:
Can't read disk label.
Can't open disk label package

Can't open boot device

ok probe-ide
Device 0 ( Primary Master )
Removable ATAPI Model: CD-224E

ok show-disks
a) /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@8,1/disk
b) /pci@1f,0/pci@1/scsi@8/disk
c) /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@d/cdrom
d) /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ide@d/disk
e) /pci@1f,0/pci@1,1/ebus@c/SUNW,lomh@14,200000
Enter Selection, q to quit: c

alhazred said...

Robert: there may be several reasons:
non-Sun cdrom or bad CD. Try to write iso with minimal speed and try another burning app.

Robert said...

Burn't again and it boots. Thank's :)

Unknown said...

I'd like to add files to the image but I'm having trouble.

Even when I attempt to just remake the image with the ONLY the same files you provide it causes a problem in the init script (not sure what just a repeating error after the error about the console drivers not load (ultra 60).

What I do is:
#mount -F hsfs `lofiadm -a sparc_snv125.iso` /mnt
#mkisofs -G /mnt/boothsfs.bootblock -B ... -l -ldots -R -N -D -V snv125 -o /opt/bootcd.iso /mnt/

I expect this to remake the exact image. The size is exactly the same as what I downloaded from your site but it will not successfully boot ( gets to the can't load console driver then the repeating crash in the init script [no line number or what file the init is trying to run that is crashing]).

Any ideas?

alhazred said...

Don: Now there is no need to AI iso's hacking, see

ryh1 said...

Another download link:

Alex, happy to help.

Thank you so much for all the hard work on this!


NativeAngels said...

How do you install this on a sunfire v100 ?

alhazred said...

This iso is outdated already,
try on your V100

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